Professional Roofing In Atlanta

roofersWelcome to Cedar Roofing Company – Atlanta, GA your professional roofers in Atlanta. You can count on us for fast and reliable solutions for your roofing needs. Has storm damaged your roof? Is the roof old, worn out and ready to be replaced? If you answered yes, then you need to contact us. We provide new roofing replacement and roof repair services that out Atlanta, Georgia customers can trust for the long-term.

Our Aim

We have established ourselves to providing reliable, dependable, accountable and quality roof installation services in Atlanta, GA. Our industry experience gives our customers the confidence and peace of mind that their roof will protect their families for a long time. Our roofing experts in Atlanta are continuously training and educating ourselves on the latest developments, practices, technologies and changes in the roofing industry for every type of roof system.

Our Pledge

roofingOur dedication to quality on each and every project sets us apart from others in the industry. We view every roofing task as an opportunity to establish new relations, showcase our abilities and solidify our reputation. We bring quality and reliability to the roofing industry in Atlanta, GA in installation systems, roofing options, preservation of colors, repair of loose shingles, shake repair, sliding, and all components that help prevent roof leaks.

Many contractors typically try to cut corners to make a deadline or save on costs. Cedar Roofing Company – Atlanta, GA always puts our reputation and customer satisfaction first. The end-product is providing a roof system that we can be proud of, and one that homeowners can rely on, for years to come.

Our Competitive Roofing Solutions

We offer quality products and superior craftsmanship that exceeds our customer expectations. We operate our roofing business with honesty, integrity, extreme dedication to customer satisfaction and attention to details. Our services include the following;

– Roof Repairscedar roofing company
– Roof Installation
– Commercial Services
– Residential Services
– Roof Replacement
– Roof Inspection
– Shingle Replacement
– Gutters

Why Use Cedar Roofing?

Cedar is among the best solutions for roof shingles. It is one of the most durable types of wood and has chemicals that help the wood to stay in good shape. Top of the advantages of using cedar roofing include;

– Aesthetics as the deeply colored cedar add a level of beauty to your house
– Cedar shingles protect your home from harsh weather
– Durability, as cedar roof has the capability to last for more than 40 years
– Cedar roofing is environmentally friendly roofing

With the use of cedar roofing, most homeowners find the advantages of cedar roof shingles far outweighing the disadvantages. Choosing cedar roofing is a decision mostly determined by climate, location and home surroundings in terms of trees and sun exposure. Cedar shingles roofing has proven to be very successful in Atlanta, GA.

Our Roofing Professionals

roofers tileA top quality roof replacement and repair consists of the highest grade materials and is installed by our professional roofers, who have many years of experience replacing roofs of all types and size. Our roof installers have extensive expertise in all kinds of roofing tasks and the possible issues that may arise during a job. Our team is fully prepared to give the best services without fear. We also have experienced supervisors on site to maintain communication with the customer at all times. This ensures that all customer concerns are addressed and handled in a professional and timely manner.

Free Consultation and Quotation

Our team will provide you with a free, in-person inspection and evaluation of your roof. During the free roof inspection for consultation, our experts will recommend the best solutions for your home with no obligation from us. We always use the best and highest quality materials to ensure the longest possible life of your roof.

roof repair– Upon request, we create plans to protect the exterior of your home, be it landscaping, vehicles or waste disposal
– Our roofing materials typically arrive prior to the date of installation
– After installation, our crew will dispose of any waste or debris caused by the roofing process.
– After installation is complete, we offer a follow-up to address and resolve any questions for your ultimate satisfaction.

Helping those in need of our services is our nature. Would you feel good about working with a company that cares about its people? – Our goal is to have a safe home for all. Thank you for considering Cedar Roofing Company – Atlanta, GA.  Roofing services also provided in Decatur, GA.